Patrick Hemmerlé has ‘audience transfixed’

‘Hemmerlé began the evening with Debussy’s Préludes, whose exquisite imagism he beautifully transmitted throughout the entire recital.’

‘His approach in particular to Movement 4 [Les fees sont d’exquises danseuses] delicately captured its subject … and was especially fitted to the strange and numinous atmosphere of the moonlit terrace portrayed in Movement 7 [La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune].

Versatility was never in question either, as in the effortless transition from a spellbinding diminuendo in Movement 10 [Canope] to the virtuosic achievement of the finale, the fiendishly difficult Feux d’artifice.’

‘At times Hemmerlé was visibly transported. Who couldn’t be? The music had cast its spell and his transfixed audience was loud in its acclaim as it called for more.

It is devoutly to be wished that Patrick will return to the festival. ‘

John Gilroy – Cambridge Independent