‘Brilliant buffoonery’ with Sir Goward the Coward

Cambridge Critique reviews ‘Sir Goward the Coward and the Feasty Beasty’ by Sirinu

Full marks for turning the tiresome princess theme on its head in this production and parents pestered by princessy propaganda must have quietly cheered to see it sent up so savagely. It mattered not to the young audience – they knew the story well.  Credit too for some brilliant buffoonery from Mathew Spring the star of the tale who cheerfully tolerated a virtual pitch invasion from the spectators and battled through 50 minutes of comic capers with nary a glitch.  He is an expert in medieval instruments and played his impressive range of pipes and bells with panache (he once performed the Hurdy Gurdy Concerto- there is only one – in Munich.)…

No review can be complete without mention of Simon Patterson as a brilliant bear. He loped in just in time to give that sense of bizarre unreality children adore. In character right to his springy exit.

A fun lunchtime on a rainy day; full marks for musical insight to Sirinu and a red rosette for kindness, tolerance and cheerfulness under fire.

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