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In light of the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, it was with great sadness that we were forced to cancel the 2020 Cambridge Summer Music Festival.


This would have been the 42nd Festival with 30 concerts due to take place across the city, presenting a wonderful line up of world-class performers.


We are determined to remain positive, however, and while we cannot hear the Festival performers live, we have created the opportunity for you to experience their music-making in your own home – a ‘virtual’ festival!

Start enjoying the 2020 Virtual Cambridge Summer Music Festival and watch a wonderful collection of performances by some of the artists who were due to take part this summer


Watch our new series of musical conversations: Meet the Artists, in which our Festival Director Freya Goldmark chats with some of our 2020 artists. View the first two conversations with Classico Latino co-founder and cellist Graham Walker and conductor and pianist Mark Austin on CSM’s YouTube Channel now.


A message from the Trustees of Cambridge Summer Music.

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